Urban Beekeeper

Hives?  In Oakland?  You betcha, or as we say in Oakland, “ Hella Yeah” 

I became a beekeeper after retirement from teaching for over 20 years.  During my career as a teacher, I spent a number of years teaching science and the world of bees always fascinated me.  I knew of the plight of the bee and the potential plight of our agriculture in California as a result and decided to become a beekeeper to do my bit.

Being an apiarist (the proper term for a beekeeper) is not a full-time job unless you have hundreds of hives.  But there are work-intense seasons like spring when the bees are starting to build up their colony and relaxed periods like winter when there is less to do.  I visit my hives every week during the spring and every 2 weeks during the summer and into Fall.   

 I sell seasonal honey locally and can ship directly to your home. In addition to harvesting honey, I clean and prepare wax for purchase by people who make their own salves, soaps and cosmetics.  

© Pam Weimer 2016