Just a brief thank you for your terrific presentation at Marin Charitable’s Floral Fling! You were such a hit! On a hike Sat. morning with a few members, they just couldn’t stop talking about what they learned from you. You have not only the passion, but the gift of being able to pass it on to others! I know I will be more appreciative of all the effort that goes into that little spoonful of honey from now on!

I hope you had fun at the event because so many others had fun because of you Again, our sincere thanks for all you added to our event!

Barbara Wilson 

March 20th, 2016 

Marin Charitable Floral Fling, 2016


Many, many thanks again for the wonderful program about bees you gave to our Dirt Daubers Garden Club last spring.  Your presentation, complete with a demonstration hive and many other props, was the BEST program we had all year and really had all of us Buzzing with delight! 🐝  Not only did we learn so much about these important pollenaters, but also delighted in tasting the honey your hives produce.  I think of you fondly when I dribble a bit of the honey from your hives on my morning toast.  A very special treat!


© Pam Weimer 2016